Group Class Information

Our new group programs will start in September 2014.

Please contact us if you would like full details of any of our grade level curriculums.

Group classes are held weekly in the Dougherty Community Center in San Ramon.
Students taking classes with TopMinds will build a foundation for advanced writing and strengthen their critical thinking skills.
In our unique semi-private format (no more than 10 students), the advantages of group learning are successfully integrated with individualized support.
Students will collectively progress through the curriculum, developing strong writing skills that are inline with the new common core standards. As part of the course, students will also receive weekly feedback on their writing and individual supplemental homework as needed.
Evaluations provide students with the further personalized support they need to become successful writers.

The writing curriculum in the new common core standards emphasizes the need for students to form arguments and opinions, and back up these ideas with evidence in their writing.

We find within a small semi-private group children will spark ideas, develop highly creative and imaginative thinking strategies, and ask more questions.

Learning from other student examples and responding to their questions , encourages each student to try new techniques.

A group model provides an ideal environment in which students will excel in writing, expand vocabulary, and refine their punctuation and grammar.

Students will be expected to write two or three times per week for approximately 20 minutes each time.

The instructor will provide prompts and instructions for homework, which will focus on practicing and improving writing techniques that were taught during the weekly session.

Homework will be turned in weekly, and returned to the students the following week with specific comments on strengths and areas for improvement for future assignments.

Supplemental homework may also be assigned on an individual basis to provide additional support. It may include editing and/or language arts worksheets customized to meet each individual child's needs.

Students will be evaluated on each writing style within our curriculum throughout the course.

The evaluations will be comprised of student writing samples, as well as short tests on written conventions and grammar.

Information from evaluations will be used by the instructor to customize the program and homework to meet the needs of the student.

Feedback will be provided to parents via email.