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6-Week Grammar and Writing - LEVEL ONE:

Entering Grades 2 or 3 or a great refresher course for 4th Grade *

Course Includes:
  • 10 interactive online lessons
  • 10 online quiz-style assessments
  • 15 grade-level worksheets
  • A 3-paragraph essay assignment
  • A 1-2 page story assignment

  • All worksheets and assignments are marked at grade-level by tutor, Jill Eiras, and feedback sent via email.

Section 1: Identify and use nouns and pronouns, including proper nouns and plural nouns
Section 2: Identify and use adjectives with a strong focus on all sensory adjectives, also synonyms and antonyms
Section 3: Identify verbs, basic tenses, and irregulars, as well as use a thesaurus
Section 4: Use complete simple sentences and compound sentences, avoid run-on sentences and fragments, and learn subject-verb agreement
Section 5: Use commonly confused words correctly such as can/may, have/of, and common homophones
Section 6: Put it all together, including editing, commas, and capital letters

Each week has 2-3 worksheets containing more practice problems of skills taught during that section.
There are also two longer writing assignments where students apply skills. Both of these emphasize word usage and word choice.
The first writing assignment occurs after section 3, focusing on nouns, adjectives, and verbs.
The second writing assignment occurs after section 6, focusing on the use of adverbs, the variety of sentences, and application of all previously taught rules.
Supplemental worksheets are given, as needed, based on assessment results and assignments.

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* Please review our samples for Level 1 and Level 2 to be sure you satisfied with the level you are purchasing for your child.