TopMinds is passionate about the way our tutoring courses provide a leading edge for writing skills, particularly within the new common core curriculum.

We are dedicated to working with out students and their families to create outstanding young writers.

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TopMinds Tutoring is based in Danville, CA.
We currently run weekly small group classes and private one-on-one tutoring at the Dougherty Community Center in San Ramon.
We also have a collection of online courses designed for home study.

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Jill Eiras


Jill has a Masters degree in Elementary Education. She has been tutoring for over 10 years and is a popular substitute teacher in the San Ramon Valley School District.

Jill is an exceptionally talented tutor who is able to engage with the students she works with to build their confidence in their own writing and improve their skills.

My daughter is 9, and she just started Topminds writing class this Sept. The results are incredible! After the 1st month, I saw some improvement for her. Before she only wrote everything in one paragraph with all the grammar, sentence structure, essay structure problems. Now she can write an essay with 5 paragraphs. Most of the errors were corrected, and later disappeared. The results are impressive! I highly recommend TopMinds Tutoring.

A.Y. San Ramon
Via Yelp

My 3rd grader started TopMinds in September. He needed extra help getting his thoughts out of his head and on to paper in an organized way. In just two months we have seen an amazing improvement. He has learned to organize his thoughts with a writing web and then translate that into real essays. He is now learning to expand his thoughts and create more visual detail. Jill takes her time with each of the four students in her class and has made amazing progress with him. He truly enjoys going to "writing class" and we (his teacher at school and myself) enjoy the improvements in his writing. I would highly recommend TopMinds to anyone that made need more individualized attention. Worth every cent!!!

J.S. Danville
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My daughter started with TopMinds Tutoring this fall but before this she had one-on-one enrichment tutoring for two years with Jill Eiras, the co-founder of TopMinds Tutoring. I appreciate Jill’s background in education and her ability to be so well-informed about the Common Core. To me, that is one of the biggest advantages to the TopMinds program. The other benefit that Jill brings is her ability to relate to the children. Instead of being the strict taskmaster that so many tutors seem to be, she brings patience, humor, and an evident rapport that is unique. I strongly recommend Jill and TopMinds Tutoring!

L.B. San Ramon

I signed my son up in 2013 Fall School year after I had a parents-teachers conference. The feedback on my son was that his reading, comprehension and vocabulary needed improvement. Jill had provided a few suggestions and we are still working on them. I have seen improvement in English on his assessment card. The thing I like about TopMinds tutoring is that Jill will email parents like me and update where my son is and any issues that need to be improved upon. There is a personal touch in this process. I feel comfortable with my son under Jill's teaching in many days to come.

W.L. San Ramon